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Whats more is we also offer online sessions for anyone that is too far away to work with us in person or that would just prefer to work this way.

Our bespoke training packages have been created to ensure you recieve the Best follow up care setting everyone up to succeed! 

After an initial consultation where we will lay all your foundations to success we will continue your follow up care with our training packages tailored to suit your needs.

To ensure that we can offer the best support we have a limited number of customers on our packages each month. 

All customers will require a consultation before signing up for any of our support packages. The consultation process is to set the right foundations for your training it is not designed as a replacement for follow up support. The consultation process lasts 2 hours and costs £200, you will be left with some early foundation and prep work to start your training process immediatley from the consultation and we will cover everything from learning history to medical. we will disect and put things back together in a way that you will be able to commit to the training programme. 
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