Behaviour Consultation

Do you have a dog that barks and lunges? Did you know we specialise in working with dogs just like yours? 

We aim to help you understand your dogs on a much deeper level. What is motivating the behaviour and what is your dog trying to communicate? 

After an initial 2 hour consultation we will devise a plan to ensure you are on the best behavioural package for both you and your dog.

All behavioural cases require an initial consultation at a cost of £200, this allows us to assess your needs and build a successful training programme. Consultations last 2 hours and we will assign you with some preparation work to get you started. This is the first stage of your training journey which will lay the foundations for your ongoing training.

Heres's what our clients are saying:

'We got our puppy Max three weeks before lockdown so through no fault of our own he was never able to socialise or do any training sessions, due to this he was very curious with other dogs and humans but as they approach him he was very unsure, so we have struggled with him pulling and growling on the lead. We paid a few trainers/behaviourist prior but we're not happy with their advice so when a neighbour recommended Danielle and her team we thought we would give her a go. The training has been excellent and the results even better! It has been tailored to not only what Max is comfortable with but with what we are too. After just a few sessions Max was loose lead walking and with the tips and techniques alot more confident around other dogs /people. Thank you so much Danielle and her team for all your help and support. Dave, Stacey and Max.'

'I couldn’t be happier with the training and guidance Caroline has given over the months she’s been helping me with Bruce & Ralph. She’s not only helped them but she’s helped me understand them. I rescued Bruce & Ralph from a dog farm along with two of their brothers and sister. They were extremely malnourished, living in a shed amongst other things. They had zero social skills and terrified of people (especially men) Bruce has electrical burn scars along his tummy and I rescued him at just 13 weeks old. Caroline from the off was patient and took her time with them. We’ve gone from me not being able to walk them to me walking them both together a couple of times a week, Ralph has learnt to do little tricks through clicker training and Bruce has gone from not being able to leave the garden to going on 7 mile walks with a group of people. I couldn’t have got this far without her.'

'We rescued a Romanian puppy and had real issues building trust, we started out with the puppy classes which taught us so much, we learnt how to read his body language and about how various stressful events could lead to him being reactive. Through the training we taught our dog valuable commands which have been a life saver such as emergency stop and staying on the bed for extended periods. We switched to 121 training to focus on reactivity, at the beginning Caroline, our trainer couldn’t stand at the bottom of the drive with us at the top without our dog barking, by the end of our course Caroline was sat on our sofa with our dog in the kitchen relaxed on his bed or playing with a toy. We learnt so much from love of dogs and understand/read our dog so much better. Would highly recommend!'