The Enrichment garden

1 of the services we offer is sole use of our enclosed area, from tires to explore, ledges to climb on, herbs to choose from and grass to run through this really is a doggy paradise! Our Enrichment garden is a space that will allow your dog to explore all their natural senses and behaviours! 

and for you? You can have 1 hour of completely relaxing time in our beautiful setting. 

1 acre of fenced space completley secluded, set within 17 acres of unused land, with stunning views surrounding you will feel like you have stepped out of wakefield and gone to the countryside. 

please note: our enclosed area is not advertised as a 'secure' area, it is perfect for dogs and owners to explore together especially for those dogs that may struggle with other dogs and not have the luxury of otherwise going off lead for the pure tranquility of the space these dogs thrive in our area, it is a great to practice your recall however if you are after somewhere completley secure with no possible escape routes then we may not be the venue for you. whilst no dogs have ever got out of our field we know there is always a chance :).